Christa Tuesday - 38 Weeks

This is the fourth and last week of Christa's eighth month. I chose the series of photos above because it best represents what happens to her when she is tired. She is literally melting down and it is hilarious to be a part of. She squishes and rubs her face with her hands or whatever happens to be in her hands and ends up making the "pffffffffth" sound until she is literally on the verge of falling asleep where she sits. I then proceed to take her to her room where I wrap her in her soft pink blankie with the lamb on it, pop in a chupie, and she instantly nuzzles into my chest to pass out. It's adorable and I love it.
She is crawling crawling now. No more of that army-belly-scoot-crawl hybrid she was up to last week. She can now pull herself into an upright seated and/or standing position with ease. She can now stand for brief moments at a time unassisted. I find her climbing up the wall like Spiderman so I suppose walking will be in the near future. I can barely keep up with her now so I have no idea what we will do when that happens. For the most part, our home has been baby proof because of Casey and even dog proof because of Betty, but we still have our rookie moments like this weekend when we caught Christa chewing an electrical cord. Awesome. Good thing she only has those bottom two teeth still otherwise maybe we would have found a scorch mark where Christa once was on our carpet. No. Not really.
Her appetite is admirable and she eats basically anything we are eating so that makes life very easy for me for now. She is sleeping like a champ and I make sure not to take that for granted. When I check to see if she is awake now, I often find her sitting up in her crib playing with her little stuffed animals. When she wants me to pick her up, say after changing her diaper, she waves her hands and feet wildly and squeals with glee at the prospect of being in my arms. She's most ticklish under her chin and about her collarbones so I make sure to nibble her often when I blow on that little tummy of hers. She's just delightful, this daughter of mine.


Christine said...

I love her. She looks just like you. xoxo

Destiny said...

Hilarious pics! So cute!