Christa Tuesday -37 Weeks

It is week three of Christa's eighth month. I chose this picture of her because it kind of sums up what she's up to lately. She's always in the middle of everything and is totally on the move now. Her crawl is not so much a crawl but a scoot and roll technique. She is, however, able to get up on her hands and knees now. She can go from lying down to being in an upright seated position in a moment's time and if given the opportunity, she can pull herself up.
One thing about her that I admire is how stubborn and determined she can be. She's super strong for a baby friend and will twist and turn and grunt until she gets what she wants, which is usually something she shouldn't have like the remote control. In the morning she sits nicely with her brother and her little box of toys and plays so contently. If I'm in the room, though, she wants nothing more than for me to stand her up against the ottoman or couch for support so she walk around and around and around. If we're willing to hold her little hands with our fingers, I think she'd be willing to walk a mile with big old steps.
Teething is also happening and I won't be surprised if her top two teeth show up within the next few days. Because she is also fighting a bit of a cold, she's been snotty and congested for a week now so giving her a bottle has been a real struggle. Surprisingly, she has lost all interest in a pacifier for sleeping which I think was actually providing her some comfort so there have been many teary wake-ups in the middle of the night. She wants to sleep face down so I can't imagine a pacifier shoved in your face is very comfortable. If I give it to her any other time, she bypasses the soft rubber sucky part and just proceeds to shove the hard plastic in her mouth to chew on with her tiny lower teeth a.k.a. razor blades. Little weirdo.

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Coodence said...

i dont think thats weird if her teeth/gums hurt! cant wait to see her in action.