Weekend Pics

This weekend was a busy and fun one! On Friday night, Christine & Company came over so Christa and Dalton met one another for the first time. Since babies could care less about pictures or sitting still, this was the only not blurry one I got but it's still really stinkin' cute! Tiny baby train.
On Saturday I finally found time for a pedi. I've been letting Casey pick my colors so he decided on orange. I compromised but check it out! (Sorry BFF for the toe shot)
Saturday was also Baby D's first birthday party! It was just delightful to be outside enjoying beautiful weather and wonderful company. I stinkin' love these kids and their re-enactment of Lady & The Tramp by way of paper plate.
It's not every day you and your oldest friend of 35 years get to hang out with your babies that are a mere 4 months apart. Man. This makes my heart soar. And sore. It's insane.
On Sunday the kids and I visited my Gran in the morning and then headed out to the Highland Games to watch Husband throw a heavy rock a few times. Plus he wore a skirt. And meat socks. He competed the first time five years ago and still placed 11 out of 14. Not too shabby for a 40-year old novice.
 Daddy with his daughter
 Daddy with his son
 Casey getting to pet a super furry fuzzy cow!
 And later that night Casey decided to cook. And make a super weird face.


Coodence said...

you guys are like two groovy peas in a far out pod man!

cute kids through and through.

Christine said...

Love these! xoxox