Weekend Photos - Tehachapi/Survivor Edition

 Windmills Everywhere
 They live out in the middle of nowhere. When night fell, we could see the Milky Way.
 Did I mention our friend Kassandra was on Survivor?
 This weird ass llama picture was signed by the million dollar winner. Kass made it to the final three.
This was her water bottle that apparently smells very bad. I declined the offer to find out for myself.
 This is a puzzle challenge she won and got to take home.
 I love how it's sort of just tossed in her back room like nothing yet it's signed by the host, Jeff Probst.
 Here, "Chaos Kass" and I are rockin' official buffs and looking hard.
 They live "off the grid" on water pumps and electricity generators so when the power unexpectedly shut off, we had an impromptu glow stick dance party with the kids.
2.5 hours in the car each way but my kids did great. Spent all day Sunday recovering from drinking at high altitude for approximately 9 hours straight. Yikes.