Christa Tuesday - 36 weeks

It's week two of Christa's eighth month. I used to distinguish this sort of thing with Casey during his first year of blog updates but I didn't with Christa and I fear it may be confusing for some. This past weekend was her first road trip outside of my body. We had gone up to the bay area for a visit with Christine and company in June of 2013, a week after she showed up as a positive sign on a pregnancy stick, but I don't think that counts. We did two and a half hours in the car each way and she slept half of it both times. It was not nearly as difficult as it had the potential to be. I think it helps she was near her brother and for a leg of the first ride, I sat in the back seat with them. Not a lot of room but a mama has to do what she has to do to keep her little ones from screaming their heads off.
Christa also had her first hotel stay and had a good time making sure Cheerios got in every nook and cranny for the housekeeping crew to find. She and I shared a bed and it was not conducive for a good night's sleep for me and made me all the more appreciative that she sleeps so well in her crib at home. Casey and I "co-slept" until Christa was born and I don't remember him being as difficult to sleep with. The people we visited were kind enough to lay a blanket down for her to play on but she could have cared less and spent most of her time army-crawling or rolling around the house, at one point getting busted with  a piece of firewood in her mouth. We also caught her under the table on the verge of making out with their dog. Fantastic. She's a busy little girl and there is just no stopping her now. If she sees something she wants, she gets to it as quickly as possible and immediately shoves it in her tiny mouth that still has but two wee teeth in it. She's also the world's best eater and makes me so proud.

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Coodence said...

thanks for doing the math! it will make things easier when christa is 97 weeks.