Christa Tuesday - 35 Weeks

Not the best photograph but it's still super cute so we're sticking with it. What are those jammies about, you guys?! She's a bunny! Hehe. She has still only got those two teeth on the bottom that make her look like a little beaver but she brushes them diligently with us in the morning. I can't believe it but Little Miss is 8 months old now. She's really going places, too. She's not really crawling but she'll sort of lunge on her belly to a spot, determine if she is where she wants to be and then proceed to roll to that location. It's pretty hilarious. She will also sort of wave goodbye to me in the mornings if Maria tells her to. It's nice to know my little beep understands Spanish.
She's an eating and pooping machine and I'm really going to make such a concerted effort to make sure she just continues eating whatever it is Husband and I are eating because it makes life so much easier. Casey was alone with me a lot and since I didn't (don't) cook, he got used to eating chicken nuggets and sandwiches and pizza and crap like that and is currently the fussiest eater on the planet. Christa, on the other hand, will eat whatever I hand to her. It's so nice. Makes for some stinky doodoo though.
With every passing day she is getting louder and louder. She likes to exclaim "Yah!" quite often now and it cracks us up. She really likes to give her brother the what-for and will just repeatedly tell him "bah bah bah bah" but we have no idea what that really means. She squeals and has an exclamatory little laugh that she does quite a bit. She's got a great personality and is full of smiles for us and is back to being a great sleeper (EDIT: naturally last night she woke up three times because I did the mom jinx). I hope it lasts but I think more teeth are coming because she cries sometimes when she eats so I'll just enjoy the restful nights for now.

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