Christa Tuesday - 34 Weeks

In this week's email from babycenter.com it said:
Your baby's emotions are becoming more obvious. Over the next few months, she may learn to assess and imitate moods and might show the first stirrings of empathy. For instance, if she hears someone crying, she may start crying too. 
This could not have been more on the nose. Christa for the most part is not much of a crier as she is a whiner. This weekend, though, when Dalton was at our house, he began to cry and boy did she ever follow suit. It was totally hilarious and also kind of just darling. Wee baby friends. I think that was the first time she's ever been around another baby her age and it was just so much fun watching the two of them interact.
When I'm not looking, Christa will scoot with her feet on her tummy hither and yon but the second she sees me she starts crying. I know she's moments away from actually crawling and I am very excited for her to start trusting in herself a bit more. Gain a little confidence. She's been such an active little girl ever since she was in my tummy and all along my mother has sort of been threatening me with a story of my brother walking at 9 months. To be honest, I won't be at all surprised if Little Miss doesn't follow in her uncle's footsteps. She's getting much better holding on to things and standing unassisted, sort of moving around the ottoman and that sort of thing.
Her appetite is voracious. She's sleeping like a champ. Those two little chompers seem to be the only ones for now. This is the last week of her seventh month. She beams when she sees her brother and no one makes her laugh like him. She's just a pleasure to be around and I'm still beyond thrilled being her mommy. Every now and then I get super sad thinking she's my last baby and she's not going to be a baby for very much longer, you know? She's such a doll.

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Destiny said...

What a beautiful picture of you and Krista! You should frame it someday! Love your haircut. You look good, Randi! Krista is the cutest baby girl!