Book Review

I would generally not take the time to do a book review for a children's book but I think The Book With No Pictures warrants a few words here on the old blog. I follow BJ Novak on Instagram and he's been on a wee press tour for this book and keeps putting awesome pictures of happy kids and the way the book was put together and whatnot so I was kind of excited to read it. When we visited Kassandra this past weekend, she happened to have an extra copy that she gifted Casey and all I could respond was "Thank you I've been wanting this!" His was the last book I read, you know. I guess I'm a fan.
What's great, though, is that this is a children's book that actually has NO PICTURES. And? Casey loves it! It's super silly and allows the reader (The GROWN UP) to do fun voices and make silly sounds. The words let you act surprised with yourself and the kid just eats it up. We read it no less than four times in a row the first night we got it and we've read it every night since. It's not very long, either, so it allows Casey to succumb to his ADD after he exerts all his focus and efforts on his wee Pre-K homework. God bless that kid. No one moves more than he does. There is simply no way I can get him to sit still long enough to read an actual story so this is just perfect for us.

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