Happy Halloween Haiku Friday

We carved four pumpkins
One for each of us Fridays
Mine's a pirate flag
Only one dressed up
At work today. Face paint's hard,
Rubs off on the phone
Here's my monster mash
He loves being Frankenstein
I painted his face


Book Review

I would generally not take the time to do a book review for a children's book but I think The Book With No Pictures warrants a few words here on the old blog. I follow BJ Novak on Instagram and he's been on a wee press tour for this book and keeps putting awesome pictures of happy kids and the way the book was put together and whatnot so I was kind of excited to read it. When we visited Kassandra this past weekend, she happened to have an extra copy that she gifted Casey and all I could respond was "Thank you I've been wanting this!" His was the last book I read, you know. I guess I'm a fan.
What's great, though, is that this is a children's book that actually has NO PICTURES. And? Casey loves it! It's super silly and allows the reader (The GROWN UP) to do fun voices and make silly sounds. The words let you act surprised with yourself and the kid just eats it up. We read it no less than four times in a row the first night we got it and we've read it every night since. It's not very long, either, so it allows Casey to succumb to his ADD after he exerts all his focus and efforts on his wee Pre-K homework. God bless that kid. No one moves more than he does. There is simply no way I can get him to sit still long enough to read an actual story so this is just perfect for us.


Christa Tuesday - 36 weeks

It's week two of Christa's eighth month. I used to distinguish this sort of thing with Casey during his first year of blog updates but I didn't with Christa and I fear it may be confusing for some. This past weekend was her first road trip outside of my body. We had gone up to the bay area for a visit with Christine and company in June of 2013, a week after she showed up as a positive sign on a pregnancy stick, but I don't think that counts. We did two and a half hours in the car each way and she slept half of it both times. It was not nearly as difficult as it had the potential to be. I think it helps she was near her brother and for a leg of the first ride, I sat in the back seat with them. Not a lot of room but a mama has to do what she has to do to keep her little ones from screaming their heads off.
Christa also had her first hotel stay and had a good time making sure Cheerios got in every nook and cranny for the housekeeping crew to find. She and I shared a bed and it was not conducive for a good night's sleep for me and made me all the more appreciative that she sleeps so well in her crib at home. Casey and I "co-slept" until Christa was born and I don't remember him being as difficult to sleep with. The people we visited were kind enough to lay a blanket down for her to play on but she could have cared less and spent most of her time army-crawling or rolling around the house, at one point getting busted with  a piece of firewood in her mouth. We also caught her under the table on the verge of making out with their dog. Fantastic. She's a busy little girl and there is just no stopping her now. If she sees something she wants, she gets to it as quickly as possible and immediately shoves it in her tiny mouth that still has but two wee teeth in it. She's also the world's best eater and makes me so proud.


Weekend Photos - Tehachapi/Survivor Edition

 Windmills Everywhere
 They live out in the middle of nowhere. When night fell, we could see the Milky Way.
 Did I mention our friend Kassandra was on Survivor?
 This weird ass llama picture was signed by the million dollar winner. Kass made it to the final three.
This was her water bottle that apparently smells very bad. I declined the offer to find out for myself.
 This is a puzzle challenge she won and got to take home.
 I love how it's sort of just tossed in her back room like nothing yet it's signed by the host, Jeff Probst.
 Here, "Chaos Kass" and I are rockin' official buffs and looking hard.
 They live "off the grid" on water pumps and electricity generators so when the power unexpectedly shut off, we had an impromptu glow stick dance party with the kids.
2.5 hours in the car each way but my kids did great. Spent all day Sunday recovering from drinking at high altitude for approximately 9 hours straight. Yikes.


Finding Zen Haiku Friday

 It's easy to bitch
About my weight and my job
Life in general
 Really though? Life's great.
I have happy, healthy kids
That are super cute
Counting my blessings:
Shelter, food, clothing, love and
More than I can list



Silly me and my lofty goals. Here we are, 20 days after I challenged myself to shed some Ell-Bees and the scale isn't budging. I think I need to reconsider this whole weight loss idea and focus more on changing bad habits than worrying about a number on a scale if I am going to feel any amount of success. I have definitely made some positive strides as far as eating goes. I have not had candy at work (or at home for that matter) in three weeks. Dining out has significantly decreased. More water intake. Eating more fruits and veggies and protein. I actually walked twice this week. So there's that!
Some negatives? I did not start walking during my lunch hour until this Monday. That's three weeks in October that could have been better used. During my period week last week, I broke my rule of not eating anything I didn't bring into the office myself and ended up eating way too many cookies and maybe even a cheese danish. Ugh, so gross. I will give credit to my co-worker, however, because she has not been bringing in baked goods on a daily basis! Those cookies got here by way of a vendor who simply didn't know what she was doing to me. My beer a night thing? Not so much. I am trying to keep it at two though. Every now and then I hit three, I'm not going to lie. Damn it.
We got these new phones and Husband insisted I try the pedometer that is built into it. I did this on Monday and Tuesday but I question the accuracy of it because I am not the kind of lady that always has a phone on her person. Monday at lunch I did 4927 steps in 35 minutes. Tuesday 8087 in the same amount of time. But maybe that was by the end of the walks and I carried the phone more? I don't know. But I did find out there are about 2000 steps in a mile so there's that handy information. Do with it what you will. I'm going to not let this lapse in progress end up with me throwing it all away like I have in the past. I'm determined to lose five pounds just so these jeans aren't so damn snug.


Christa Tuesday - 35 Weeks

Not the best photograph but it's still super cute so we're sticking with it. What are those jammies about, you guys?! She's a bunny! Hehe. She has still only got those two teeth on the bottom that make her look like a little beaver but she brushes them diligently with us in the morning. I can't believe it but Little Miss is 8 months old now. She's really going places, too. She's not really crawling but she'll sort of lunge on her belly to a spot, determine if she is where she wants to be and then proceed to roll to that location. It's pretty hilarious. She will also sort of wave goodbye to me in the mornings if Maria tells her to. It's nice to know my little beep understands Spanish.
She's an eating and pooping machine and I'm really going to make such a concerted effort to make sure she just continues eating whatever it is Husband and I are eating because it makes life so much easier. Casey was alone with me a lot and since I didn't (don't) cook, he got used to eating chicken nuggets and sandwiches and pizza and crap like that and is currently the fussiest eater on the planet. Christa, on the other hand, will eat whatever I hand to her. It's so nice. Makes for some stinky doodoo though.
With every passing day she is getting louder and louder. She likes to exclaim "Yah!" quite often now and it cracks us up. She really likes to give her brother the what-for and will just repeatedly tell him "bah bah bah bah" but we have no idea what that really means. She squeals and has an exclamatory little laugh that she does quite a bit. She's got a great personality and is full of smiles for us and is back to being a great sleeper (EDIT: naturally last night she woke up three times because I did the mom jinx). I hope it lasts but I think more teeth are coming because she cries sometimes when she eats so I'll just enjoy the restful nights for now.


Weekend Photos!

 Saturday morning at the mall! Casey & Husband hit up a Disney Store Halloween thing while Christa got her 8-month photos done at Penney's.
After that we hit up my nephew's 8th birthday party where Casey went nuts on a pinata that had to be repaired with duct tape because it was so heavy with candy.
 And Christa ate cake.
 Sunday was Underwood Fall Harvest Festival with BFF & Co!
 I love to force my children to be festive.
 This chicken does not want to be dinner.
 All of us on a tractor ride!
 And then cowboy hats happened.


Pretty Bleak Haiku Friday

No news is good news
Anti-vaxxers, Ebola
Isis, Obama
Economy's shit
Education is a joke
People are dying
Election season
Just lots of noise and headlines
Distracting people


DIY Halloween!

For some reason Casey has been obsessed with Frankenstein this Halloween and decided that was the costume he wanted. I found one on E-Bay and he's stoked and I can't wait to see him in it. Since I have decided to participate in the Trunk-or-Treat at his school, I thought it would be cool to dress like the Bride of Frankenstein. First thing first: the hair. I found this DIY tutorial via Google and decided to take a chance on it. I went to the store this morning and purchased the following:
  • black poster board
  • 300 cotton balls
  • black costume hair spray since getting your hands on actual spray paint requires way too much effort.
Luckily we have a hot glue gun here in the office and it's nice and dead so I was able to get this all done in about an hour with Casey being none the wiser. I wrapped the poster board around my head for size and then cut it down to about half of the length. Next, I cut one end into flaps to fold over so the top would lie flat. This gave me a nice cylinder to work with so I cut what resembled a hairline and proceeded to glue just a few shy of the 300 cotton balls I purchased to the poster board. I recommend putting the glue directly on to the poster board and adding the cotton balls rather than trying to glue each individual cotton ball. I ended up with this (and some scary eyes):
Not too shabby right? Then I found a lightning bolt online and cut it out to lie on the sides of the wig before spray painting the whole thing black. Nothing too fancy, you know. I just don't trust myself to freehand.
I took that cotton ball wig outdoors and sprayed away and look what I walked away with!
Pretty good right?I think my lightning bolts are a little off-center and I'll need to do some touch ups but whatever. I will say this thing is a little heavier than I thought it would be but I think it looks great. I spent about $28 for the supplies and a make-up kit. So it's not exactly cheap to do but whatever. Tomorrow? I think I'll bring in an old sheet and try to make a dress. Yup. Working hard.


Christa Tuesday - 34 Weeks

In this week's email from babycenter.com it said:
Your baby's emotions are becoming more obvious. Over the next few months, she may learn to assess and imitate moods and might show the first stirrings of empathy. For instance, if she hears someone crying, she may start crying too. 
This could not have been more on the nose. Christa for the most part is not much of a crier as she is a whiner. This weekend, though, when Dalton was at our house, he began to cry and boy did she ever follow suit. It was totally hilarious and also kind of just darling. Wee baby friends. I think that was the first time she's ever been around another baby her age and it was just so much fun watching the two of them interact.
When I'm not looking, Christa will scoot with her feet on her tummy hither and yon but the second she sees me she starts crying. I know she's moments away from actually crawling and I am very excited for her to start trusting in herself a bit more. Gain a little confidence. She's been such an active little girl ever since she was in my tummy and all along my mother has sort of been threatening me with a story of my brother walking at 9 months. To be honest, I won't be at all surprised if Little Miss doesn't follow in her uncle's footsteps. She's getting much better holding on to things and standing unassisted, sort of moving around the ottoman and that sort of thing.
Her appetite is voracious. She's sleeping like a champ. Those two little chompers seem to be the only ones for now. This is the last week of her seventh month. She beams when she sees her brother and no one makes her laugh like him. She's just a pleasure to be around and I'm still beyond thrilled being her mommy. Every now and then I get super sad thinking she's my last baby and she's not going to be a baby for very much longer, you know? She's such a doll.


Weekend Pics

This weekend was a busy and fun one! On Friday night, Christine & Company came over so Christa and Dalton met one another for the first time. Since babies could care less about pictures or sitting still, this was the only not blurry one I got but it's still really stinkin' cute! Tiny baby train.
On Saturday I finally found time for a pedi. I've been letting Casey pick my colors so he decided on orange. I compromised but check it out! (Sorry BFF for the toe shot)
Saturday was also Baby D's first birthday party! It was just delightful to be outside enjoying beautiful weather and wonderful company. I stinkin' love these kids and their re-enactment of Lady & The Tramp by way of paper plate.
It's not every day you and your oldest friend of 35 years get to hang out with your babies that are a mere 4 months apart. Man. This makes my heart soar. And sore. It's insane.
On Sunday the kids and I visited my Gran in the morning and then headed out to the Highland Games to watch Husband throw a heavy rock a few times. Plus he wore a skirt. And meat socks. He competed the first time five years ago and still placed 11 out of 14. Not too shabby for a 40-year old novice.
 Daddy with his daughter
 Daddy with his son
 Casey getting to pet a super furry fuzzy cow!
 And later that night Casey decided to cook. And make a super weird face.


Haiku Friday

 Casey did so well
At the barbershop last night
No squirming or tears
Ready for pictures!
He is such a big boy now
Lookin' sharp, new threads
Wouldn't you know it?
The photographer canceled
All this was for naught


Christa Tuesday - 33 Weeks

Little lovely Christa Tootsy Bootsy just keeps getting sweeter and cuter every single week. Her eyebrows? Literally are going to be the death of me. Death by eyebrows. Ugh. I still can't figure out if she's going to be a redhead because her hair is chameleon-like. One day it looks blondish brown, the next it's strawberry blonde. I can't wait to see what happens if it ever grows in more than this silly Kewpie doll hair. I'm anxious for the days of pigtails. Will she get curls? The suspense is killing me.
Her favorite thing to do is stand. That's it. It's all she wants to do. She rolls here and there but will not crawl. She is sort of throwing herself in a direction if she sees something she desires, though. That's pretty fun. She managed to get a hold of a bag of Cheetos like that this weekend. It also means a lot more owies because she has no balance and generally ends up bumping her head or twisting her arm.
She is definitely getting "moodier" and more demanding. When people hang out with her and experience her mellow disposition, I get mocked for saying she is moody. But when she's not getting her way? She will cry and squeal now and get super pouty. It's very cute and hard to take seriously. I think she's teething and going through a growth spurt because in addition to being cranky more often, she's pooping like a damn professional and taking more naps.
She's a very good eater but sometimes she gets a little carried away and will choke a bit. Thankfully nothing serious. She's also getting quite good at using a sippy cup. We just put water in there but she's got the motions down. I think she has more fun just filling her mouth with water and letting it trickle down her chin and soak her chest. And of course she does the motor boat thing with her lips so spit and food and beverage fly everywhere. My goofy little baby friend. Just love her so dang much.