Weekend Pictures

 Sometimes Christa's hair is spectacular.
 BFF & I went out for the morning and she took this picture of me and my daughter together. Because if she and I don't do it, no one will. We were having a beer at Anacapa Brewing Company for my dad's birthday at 11:30 a.m.. Prior to that we'd had breakfast at Mrs. Olson's Coffee Hut, went to an impromptu car show along Main Street in Ventura and hit the Old Mission San Buenaventura
 Later that night we went to O-sabi with the whole fan damily to celebrate Dad some more. Casey was enthralled with the flaming preparation and the chef's showmanship. Had my dad been there, he'd have been smiling from ear to ear seeing his family have so much fun and the kids behaving so well.
 Christa had a huge day on Saturday so Sunday found her like this. All sweaty and exhausted. We did diddly squat other than a quick trip to Target. Most of the afternoon was spent outdoors or watching football.
 See what I mean about being the only one to photograph me with my children?
 Unintentional Betty censorship makes me laugh.
Could these two love each other more?

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