Some Weekend Pics

We were supposed to go up North to visit Christine & Co. for the long weekend but Christa started teething, both kids got colds and a long distance road trip that involved four of us in a hotel room didn't sound like the right idea. Instead, we went to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on Saturday for the Butterflies Alive exhibit. This is just one of so many I took:
Christa is really doing great sitting up like a big girl so we get to take pictures like this and they make me super happy. Look at her, all rugged and ready for nature in her wee cargo pants.
They had this whole area perfect for dress-up and make-believe so Christa was a firefighter. And Husband's arms were stupid big.
We had an impromptu invite to BBQ with BFF & Co. on Sunday. It was a nice, warm day, perfect for backyard pool time and semi-nudity. It's also worth nothing that there was NO TRAFFIC all the way down and I was so, so happy.
Blue icing is not very tidy but sure makes for a cute photo op.
And who can say no to superhero underpants and bubbles? 

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