Scant Weekend Pics

On Saturday, mom and I took the kids to visit Great -Grandma for a spell.
 Then in the afternoon I added Christa's name to my ankle along with two stars for the babies we lost. Christa is considered a "rainbow baby" because she came after a loss so I kind of love the way her name arches like a rainbow. It feels complete now.
Casey was responsible for his class mascot, Buddy the Frog, this weekend. 
Here we are enjoying "Friday Sunday Pancake Breakfast."
 In the afternoon I bought new furniture for our house (HOORAY!) and on the way to the store we saw a wee pony had escaped its trailer and was being led back to it right next to the freeway on-ramp. My mind went wild with imagining how this came to be. Were they stopped at the light and the pony just tried to make a break for it? Were they driving and the pony finally had enough so it kicked its way out and the drivers only knew of its escape because of the thud they heard as it hit the ground? So many possibilities!

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