I'm A Sap Haiku Friday

Almost said goodbye
To our bunny friend today
The one with no name
I'm allergic now
And Husband always has been
Bun gets few pets now
But he's Betty's bud
Been together her whole life
We couldn't do it

Here's a little back story to this haiku that I feel warrants being told. There is a driver that delivers to our work named Lance. Lance has more money than God but he still drives trucks for personal reasons. He had a bunny that he loved deeply. That bunny had his own house. Not a "house in the yard" like another term for a cage but an actual house. Like my house. But designated for the bunny. Yeah. Anyway, Lance's bunny died last week because it got bunny cancer. Lance knows all about my bunny and how I can't really love him as much as I want to and he offered to take my bunny. What an opportunity for my neglected Bun to have a rich new daddy! I thought Husband would have zero cares to give about this but he felt if we took Bun away from Betty, she would be too sad without him, that Bun calms Betty. I thought that was very sensitive and thoughtful of Husband. I must be the devil because I never even considered the dumb dog and her suicidal thoughts if she lost her BFF.

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