Hash House Harriers Weekend Pics

This weekend we participated in our first gathering of the Hash House Harriers of Camarillo. Don't worry, I needed to Google it too. Basically, it's a group of "drinkers with a running problem." This crew didn't run so much because many of us were bogged down by children, but we did a pretty serious 3-mile hike through a park area of Camarillo and drank along the way. Here's a funny story: Husband used to live with this lady named Kassandra. For those of you that watch survivor, she was Chaos Kass this last season. Anyway, she had convinced him to blog much in the same vein that BFF convinced me to blog and we credit these two along with this platform for us getting married. Thanks, Blogger! So, we're waiting for this HHH race/run thing to start and there is this chick there who asks how I know Kassandra and I tell her how she used to be roomies with Husband and she goes "The blog!" and I felt like our secret identity had been revealed. It was super surreal to have someone recognize us from this place. Very weird but also kind of awesome because I don't know if "we met on the internet blogging" is the most romantic story of all time.
 Here is "Kiki" (Casey's new nicknack for Christa) getting ready to roll.
 Here are all of us a the starting point in our pirate-themed gear as was required by the HHH group. Day after Talk Like A Pirate Day and what have you.
 Can Husband seriously not do kissy/duckface every damn time we take a selfie?
 And for those of you that say we don't look alike, I say suck it.
After the hike we met up at the hosts' house for a BBQ and there was this old doggie who claimed Christa as her best friend because she had Cheerios. You guys should have seen the dang playroom that belonged to the children that lived there. WHOA. There was also this dude there that was totally wasted who kind of started to pick a fight with Kassandra and Husband because they were corpsmen or Seabees or some damn thing and I was like really? We're 40 and we have beef? No. Aside from that, though, super nice people and a super fun time and Casey got to play with friends and swim in a pool on a nice hot day. I guess we're invited to a Zombie run in October. Run? Me? Nope. But the idea is nice!

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