Christa Tuesday - 32 Weeks

Boy do I long for the days when Christa would just sleep through the night. She wakes up crying at least two or three times every night but just can't seem to comfort herself back to falling asleep. This means I need to get up, put her chupie back in her mouth and she instantly falls back asleep. It's all over very quickly but I still need to get out of bed so I'm kind of over it. Too bad she doesn't seem to care.
Other than that, she's just so dang pleasant to be around. She loves to act bashful and smile big toothy grins while nose-laughing. My uncles are visiting from Germany and they keep asking when she cries because mostly she has a very calm disposition. Is this as upset/excited as she gets? She's so quiet! She eats so well! It's pretty fun to see them be so pleased with her because the first time they met her, she was a mere three weeks old I think. Not very exciting at that blob stage. 
This weekend I helped her find her balance long enough to stand a few seconds at a time without holding on to me. All this girl wants to do is stand up. She will seek out your fingers and raise them in the air because she knows that's what will get her off of her butt. She's not really crawling but she sure is good at rolling hither and yon. If she's in a bad mood at the witching hour (7 pm, every night), nothing can flip that mood like the sound of a bath running. Lately she sleeps from 7:30 to 5:30 which is pretty good aside from all the crying. I'm still fascinated by her willingness to eat anything and lots of it. This week's new milestone? Fish.
On a side note, Husband and I went out for a couple beers on Friday. We were at the brewery having lunch when a pre-teen girl stood up to play with her mom's hair. I don't know what's wrong with me but we can't go on a date and get a little tipsy without me falling apart. I got so emotional thinking about Christa being a girl that age so naturally I started weeping at the dinner table. Damn my little girl for making me a sappy mess.

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