Christa Tuesday - 31 Weeks

When we took Christa to JCPenney's this weekend for her 7-month pictures, the photographer told me she had won first place in her region by useng the picture we signed off on for promotional use the first month of Christa's wee life. That made me feel so happy, you know? I mean, after so many trips to the mall for these photos, I start to hate the whole idea of it. Then something nice comes of it - aside from the awesome photo diary of her first year - and it kind of makes it all worth it.
I'm not entirely sure but I think there may be more teeth coming. There's a lot of grumpiness and the chupie is in use more now than ever. We try to restrict it to sleep time and the car seat for the most part, though, which is much better than we were with Casey. This child is happiest when she is eating. Maria sent me a video of her chowing down on a peach like she'd never seen food before and it made me laugh. Last night, she had a pizza crust she was going to town on and when I took it away from her she began to cry. It's just too funny. She's also getting pretty good at using a sippy cup and will sit in that little green chair and throw herself backwards to chug her water. It's pretty funny because she looks like a tiny drunk person.
She's not crawling yet but she is rolling around a lot and we'll find her far from where we left her sometimes. With assistance, like if you prop her up on something, she'll stand all day long. And if you're kind enough to hunch over and hold her hands, she takes little steps down the hallway or further. She's also getting louder and louder with each passing day. Lots of Bwah sounds and Mems. She squeals and laughs. Her "monster face" where she scrunches up her eyes and mouth and nose happens a lot more frequently. My favorite thing about her, though, is that smile. She's very generous with it and that just makes me so happy.

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Coodence said...

she's so stinkin cute man!