Christa Tuesday - 30 Weeks

Little Miss Christa Tutu turns SEVEN MONTHS OLD on Thursday. Can you believe it? Could time go any faster? Husband and I were talking and he remembered how when he would go on deployment for seven months at a time that it would drag on and on. Now, it's like we blink and a month has flown by. She's growing by leaps and bounds and her personality is just exploding out of her tiny little body. She eats like a horse! Last night she ate half a banana and a bowl full of crushed blueberries and strawberries in one sitting. Then she topped it off with six ounces of formula. Needless to say, but I'll say it: her poops are glorious.
She came with me to the doctor yesterday for her brother's four-year checkup and a retest of her urine (which was all good). I was trying to keep her busy so I could be a part of Casey's exam so I set some Cheerios in front of her and she just chowed down on them the whole time. Dr. Sally was stunned at her ease and comfort in feeding herself and mentioned that she normally sees nine-month-old babies eat that well but not really babies her age. I felt pretty proud of her. Dr. Sally was also happy to see how well she uses my fingers to pull herself into a standing position. I'm predicting she will walk before nine months.
And finally, I should address the picture I used this week. Betty and Christa are deeply, madly in love with one another. When Christa sees Betty she squeals. She smiles from ear to hear and throws her hands out as if to embrace the dog. Betty sits right in front of her so Christa can grab her face and pull her ears and doesn't mind one bit. Lately Betty has been sliding right next to Christa on the floor for the hugs and kisses you see above. God forbid one of us doesn't react instantly if Christa makes a peep otherwise Betty is all over us. A girl and her dog, right?

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