Christa Tuesday - 29 Weeks

Little Miss Christa here is happiest when she's standing. I really doubt that she will crawl but think she will actually just go straight from rolling here and there to walking. That's not me boasting, that's just me calling it as I see it. If she sees your hands in front of her, she's reaching for them and using you to pull herself up. It's basically all she wants to do and I'm just there to help her balance. Maria bought her this thing on wheels that she can "stand up" in and "walk" around her hardwood floors so now she's spoiled. She also uses the stand-up bouncy thing a lot at our house, but mostly I think she thinks it's her toilet because #2s happen a lot in there.
On Saturday we introduced Cheerios for the first time and she's a big fan. I've just been feeding her bite sized pieces of things that we have been eating and seeing what sticks but she's really happy when she can grab handfuls of round cereal. She has eaten sausage, chicken, rice, noodle soup, pancakes, eggs and so much more but really did not seem to enjoy banana in the least. I don't think she's crazy about the little baby food things (especially not pears!) any more because she just makes fart noises with her lips and spits the food all over my person. Not a fan of that trick. I haven't nursed her in days so it's all formula from here on out.
She's been "singing" a lot lately and it is just the cutest thing ever. I love the sound of her tiny voice, all her coos and giggles (she's the most ticklish when I nomnomnom on her collar bone and boobies). She doesn't seem to be crying as much either so I think the initial teething pains may have passed (Thank you, infant Motrin!). Those two little teeth, front and bottom middle, are quite prominent but I don't have a picture of them yet. Maybe next week. She's sitting up very well on her own and really loves bath time with her brother now that she can be more interactive as opposed to just lying there in her mini tub. She's just so damn fun.

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