Christa Tuesday - 28 Weeks

Big news in Christa's world right now are two teeth popping up, lower front. This means a lot of discomfort and drool and tears. We have become familiar with Motrin this weekend for sure. I also wouldn't rule out a growth spurt as well because her appetite has tripled. She's started eating with her hands so we're trying new things like baby snacks that dissolve in spit and crackers. She can also finish those little Gerber cups like a champ and can eat up to three a day. She's not a fan of me smooshing up actual bananas but she seemed to really dig avocados.
We also tried out this baby backpack thing that is pictured for a longer period of time this weekend. We've been using it around the yard with her facing outward and she seems to really like that. This time, I turned her around, facing me, and we walked out and about at the museum and the surrounding little trails and she never made a peep. She had her first little outdoor picnic there, sitting upright and eating like a big girl. We discovered this weekend that unless she is sleeping, she's not a big fan of the car. Boy oh boy did she cry on the way up to Santa Barbara and on the way back from LA. Not a good time for mom. No, sir.
And in mommy news, I guess my milk supply is basically non-existent all of a sudden. I blame the insane stress I have been under for the past few weeks as well as the lack of sleep. A baby up four times a night does not make for a well-rested mommy. Christa is mainly on formula now and maybe that's not that bad of a deal because truthfully the idea of teeth and nipples does not really appeal to me. I'm stoked we've had this six and a half months of nursing though. We went quite a bit further than Casey and I did. He stopped at three months.

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