Street Food Cinema

Some time ago, Casey's day care administrator, Miss Deanna, mentioned she had seen a movie in a park and that she wanted to go see The Goonies when it came to Glendale. I told her I would love to do something like that even though it's quite a drive from Oxnard and I always freak out a bit when it comes to doing things without Husband and the kids. Because I am a spaz. Well, she wasn't hearing any of that and bought me a ticket and I was basically told I was going. I've had that ticket lying on my dresser for weeks and weeks and finally, this past Saturday, we attended Street Food Cinema.
This photograph is a secret squirrel shot of Camryn Grimes, an actress from The Young & The Restless. I spied her while we were in line for the food trucks. She's the one in the flannel looking kind of right at me. Ha! I love celebrity sightings. I'm so good at them. I just didn't care enough to interrupt her so I stalked her like a weirdo. Neat.
This is a photograph of a beignet that Miss Deanna devoured rabidly and my Wachos. Never heard of Wachos? Me neither which is why I had to have them. It is essentially waffle cut french fries smothered with the following: nacho cheese, ranch dressing, buffalo wing sauce, guacamole and grilled scallions and onions. If I had been stoned at the time I inhaled this, I literally would have died and gone straight to heaven. Not pictured here that I also ate? A lobster roll and a dessert sandwich made of two chocolate chip cookies with mint-n-chip ice cream middle. Dude, I dig food trucks. And eating ravenously.
This is the park behind the uber-fancy Glendale Galleria where we ate lots of food and listened to a band play and just to the left of that building was an inflatable movie screen where we watched the movie until it began to rain quite heavily out of nowhere. It was a 90 degree day and at first the rain was welcomed but then the reality of being soaked was something we just weren't willing to be a part of because we are Californian weenies. We left in the middle of the movie which is sort of typical right? I finally get to go do something solo and it's ruined by rain. Oh well, at least it was a movie I have seen a million times so it's not like I didn't know how it ends.
In closing I will leave you with this photograph of one of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen in some time. I had such a lovely time with my new friend and I can't wait to go on more lady dates that don't include Husband or the children despite how much fun I have with them. Mama needs some me time and this really cemented it.


Coodence said...

good for you!

Gen said...

I love food trucks!

dirkmancuso said...

Awesome secret squirrel of Cassie/Mariah!