My First Field Trip

Today I had the pleasure of taking Casey and his school friends on a field trip to Gull Wings Children's Museum. Husband got to chaperone last month and I got jealous and wanted to do it too. This summer they have already been to a Farmer's Market in Ventura, Chuck E Cheese, and now this. Still to come next week? A walk to McDonald's. Big time, you guys.
 Here is Astronaut Casey and a pal in the Orion Space Capsule
 Here he is being super sexy casual near a microscope all science like
 Here he is with a 1950s Oxnard model train set
This? This is the best. Four children in my car. Thank goodness for the Ford Flex fitting all of us comfortably. I'm glad Miss Erica came along for the ride, too! It was a full house. We had so much fun. I'm so grateful I work across the street from Casey's daycare and that my job is flexible enough to allow me to be a mommy during business hours.

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Coodence said...

ugh that is so cute!!