Christa Tuesday - 27 Weeks

Christa had her six-month checkup yesterday and it went really well. She is 26-1/2" long (73%) and weighs 15 pounds 13 ounces (42%) with a head circumference of 16-3/4" (56%). She got her shots and only cried for a very short while. The doctor did a urine sample and it wasn't "perfect" so I get to bring her back next week and try again. I guess girls have more going on downstairs than boys do so she wanted to rule out a UTI although she didn't seem overly concerned. We did see the beginning of a tooth in the lower left gum region that the doctor thinks may poke through within the week.
Miss Christa has a little bit of a cold right now with some sneezing and boogers so she hasn't been sleeping so great. Over the weekend she was up every couple hours and on Sunday night I decided to let her "cry it out" and not give her the boob to get her to go back to sleep. It was a rough half hour and the chupie had to come into play as did some back rubbing but she managed to go down for a solid 6 hours afterward so that's that. She's at the age where she doesn't need middle of the night feedings so this is what we must do. I'm a mean mommy.
On Saturday I put Christa on her blankie (she's long outgrown her wee mat with danglies) in front of the TV while I was doing a few things in preparation for Casey's party. I was gone a few minutes and came back to find her clear across the room. I immediately asked Casey if he moved her and although he denied it, I was convinced he did and he got sent to his room. Husband and I were with her and she proceeded to roll across the room so mommy owed Casey an apology and now realizes her little girl is on the move. Maria brought her a little walker thing and she is just trotting right along Maria's hardwood floors. I fear the future with a mobile baby friend.

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