Christa Tuesday - 25 Weeks

I took the picture on the left in the garage last night after we got home from visiting my brother nad his family for Auntie's birthday. It's funny to see how much she fills out her car seat now compared to when we were bringing her home from the hospital. She's so big! Time is going by so quickly. She doesn't even resemble the baby we brought home. Thank the stars above, she is back to sleeping through the night which is so lovely. She has been consistently sleeping from 8-5 and I hope that remains the norm.
Christa's big accomplishment this week is sitting up for longer periods of time unassisted. When she tips over she basically splats on her face but while she's sitting her posture is rigid and upright. It's really cute. She also has been doing this thing when she's on her back where she will do an abdominal crunch as if she's trying to sit up. I think she's working on her core (#crossfit). She is also working on reaching and grabbing anything she can and shoving it into her mouth.
Other than that, it's just baby stuff. She's been working on saying "mom" I think. Lots of "M" sounds. Mum. Mama. Mom. That kind of thing. She was working on her Bs for a while but that got put on the back burner. She was sort of coughing last night because that was a sound she could make but not because she was coughing. She's also giggling a lot more and her tickle spot is above her left boob. A laugh is guaranteed if I pretend to eat her and gum her right there while saying nom nom nom. She's also ticklish under her chin around her collar bones. Nothing is sweeter than that laugh.

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