Christa Tuesday - 24 Weeks

My little angel sure knows how to make my morning. My mom always told me to greet the kids with a smile when they woke so they would be happy babies and it turns out she was right. No matter what time of night or morning, if I smile at Christa she beams right back at me. Way to make me feel like a million bucks, Tutu. And yes, that's her nickname and it's pronounced "thu thu" or Thuthi or Christa-tooty-booty. One day we dropped Christa off at Maria's in a little outfit with a tutu and my niece squealed "thu-thu!" and that was it. A terrible nickname was born, just like how Casey became Capood.
Christa is really acing the food game. I gave her some nibbles of my pancakes on Sunday and it changed her tiny life. She eats the Gerber stuff and chugs bottles and has boobs and is growing like a weed. There is nothing like seeing your child thrive and flourish. She's also become SUPER HANDSY. While she nurses, she pulls at the loose skin on my boob. She grabs hair like it's her job. If something is in her reach she lunges for it. If she gets something in those little mitts, she attacks it like a rabid dog. It's all just too much. She's just a cute little baby friend and I'm so lucky to have a daughter I like so much.

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Coodence said...

she's so cute!