The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
  • Husband starts a new (albeit seasonal) job on Monday! Plus he's been killing in the interview department. Things are rocking and rolling!
  • Casey went on a field trip with his wee daycare today to Chuck E Cheese (and I didn't have to chaperone! Ha!).
  • Christa slept ten hours straight last night and is taking a bottle today for Maria like a good little girl.
The Bad
  • Summer colds and/or working that keep us from frolicking in the warm sunshine and the outdoors.
  • I've missed quite a bit of work due to Christa and I having colds so my sad little supply of vacation/sick time has been dwindled down to practically nothing.
  • Not being able to cheer up a sad friend and/or being able to convince her that she's better than the people around her.
The Ugly
  • Watching two married people with children act like selfish, petty, immature assholes and being dragged down into their drama.
  • The state of our savings accounts. Yikes. 
  • The snot and coughs and sadness of laryngitis that plague my wee little Christa girl as she tries to overcome the second little cold in her tiny life.

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