Outrage is the New Black

This morning while reading the news, I came across this article about a 23-year old woman who suffers from Crohns disease and has a colostomy bag. It is also worth noting, she is gorgeous and tattoed and rocking a bikini with said colostomy bag. They are praising her and I think she totally deserves it. If a few more of us stepped out of our comfort zone and did something that should be absolutely "normal" perhaps we could do a better job of removing taboos and stigma from society forever.
I know, that's wishful thinking. I almost went all rage-y on Facebook about this but quickly deleted my post because what's the point really? Facebook activism a waste of time and will only result in me being more upset about things than I need to be so I think I'm better off just trying to be witty and bombarding people with pictures of my children. What I had said, though, is that I cannot believe, in this day and age with all the information in the world at our fingertips and available at a moment's notice, that there are still things to be outraged about. Wouldn't we just be better off educating ourselves? Opening our eyes to the fact that we are all different and just stop trying to convert everyone to believing our way is the right way?
Why is it anyone's business who you are sleeping with? Who cares if someone else had an abortion or wants birth control? Why are we still asking breastfeeding moms to cover up in public? Why are asshole activists walking around Target with semi-automatic weapons? Why am I not surprised to see that the folks most outspoken about being against LGBT issues end up being caught in a "gay" scandal? Why is Jesus all up in my government? I know! BLAME OBAMA. Sigh. It's all too much. So here I am, venting. And all I can do is breastfeed in public to do my part.

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