Movie Review Monday

It's been like three months since I was last in a movie theater and that makes me extremely disappointed in myself. Husband and I were chatting and it had been a month since we went out just for dinner without the kids which is simply unacceptable. I'm very glad I decided to break our streak of datelesness by forcing us to go see 22 Jump Street yesterday. A grown-up movie! I had gotten movie passes when I was pregnant with Christa that were gathering dust and it's a good thing admission was free because it was almost $17 for a large coke, a popcorn and a package of Reese's Pieces. I'm sorry... what?
The sequel was basically exactly the same as the first one, which is pretty much all I wanted it to be. Boy oh boy did I laugh my butt off right from the get-go. I haven't really seen Channing Tatum in anything other than this franchise and Magic Mike, but there is something about him as Brad that I'm deeply smitten with. This dude is ridiculously handsome and definitely built but mostly I just love him because he is sweetly ditzy and plays his silliness with such sincerity. Ice Cube? Forget it, he killed me. Jonah Hill is always funny and I don't know who played the blonde roommate but she was essentially Jonah in girl form. "19 minutes late for pinochle?" Good stuff, people.
I guess when it comes to summer movies, all I really need is a buddy movie just like this one. I want fast cars and guns and hilarity. Pretty darn predictable and easy. We saw a trailer for Let's Be Cops and I'm just giddy waiting for that to come out. My New Girl guys? In a buddy cop movie? You bet. I'm sold. I tell you, I'm really behind when it comes to movie viewing but I'm really trying to get back in the swing of things.

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