Christa Tuesday - 23 Weeks

Little Miss Christa is finally over the cold of death that she had for too many days! This past weekend was a real struggle because all she wanted to do was nurse when in real life, she has bottles almost all day long during the week. It was very frustrating that she would refuse the bottle every time I'd try to give it to her for a couple reasons: A) Formula is like $17 a bag so when you're basically throwing money down the drain, it burns. B) Because she takes the bottle at Maria's, I have anxiety that my milk supply cannot keep up with the demands she has. I knew she was feeling better on Sunday night because she finally took a bottle from me.
She didn't want the bottle (from Husband either in case you're wondering why he didn't just do it, because he tried) but she definitely bombed on eating the baby food so that was good. At first, we were just experimenting with feeding her because it's still real early so we'd only give her about half the tiny container at a time. This weekend, though, she killed a whole container a couple times like a hungry little hippo. She even grabs your hand to guide the spoon to her mouth and leans in for it. It's real cute. So far we've tried carrots, some berry mixture, sweet potatoes and some chicken veggie thing that resembles chicken noodle soup. Yes, I tried it. Grody.
It was real hard getting up with her multiple times a night because she has spoiled me for so long by being such a good sleeper. We made it through but one night she was up from 1 until 3:30 and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Lack of sleep is absolute torture but when you add a sick baby to the mix that can't breathe and has a cough, well that's just the worst. Baby laryngitis? No sadder sound in the world exists. The amount of snot that was backed up in her was so so sad, you guys. It was coming out of her eyes. She was like choking on it and would cough and cough. UGH. The worst. And for a baby that never cries? Well she's just been the moodiest little emo baby. She didn't want to be held or put down.  So yeah, that's the update for this little monster this week. Sickness and food stuff. Real exciting.


Coodence said...

she's so cute. she looks a little stoned in this picture.

Jessica said...

Not that Coodence would know what a stoned person looks like.