Christa Tuesday - 20 Weeks

This photograph was taken on Sunday up in Ojai. It was a hot day and we sat in the shade for a bit, blabbing for all of nature to hear. On Saturday - another warm day - she had her first pool experience in a wee pink two piece but we failed in the photo department. She had a great time though! I adore how her arms and legs have more rolls than a Cinnabon (thanks, Christine!) and it looks like there are rubber bands around her chubby little wrists. There's really not much I don't love about this little lady right here. Well maybe one thing...
You see, Little Miss Christa is in a rush to be a big girl. As you've read here, she's ahead of the game developmentally. Rolling over at 3 weeks. Wanting to stand by 4 months. Well, this weekend I laid down a blanket that is kind of a loop stitch. I put her in the corner and she discovered that she could hook her toes into the loop and push herself forward. She did this and ended up approximately 3-4 feet away from where she started by the time I picked her up. If she keeps things up, she'll be crawling by 6 months. My mother never misses the opportunity to remind me that my brother walked by 9 months. She has also discovered that arching her back can lift her up out of a swing or a car seat so that's a blast.
I'm not going to lie, when I saw her scooting across her rug, I kind of teared up. Casey saw this and offered to "wipe the water from my face" in a very biblical sort of way. It was a happy sad but that sad existed, nonetheless. As much as I absolutely, 100% do not want any more children, Christa will be my last baby and for some reason she wants to get out of this baby phase as quickly as possible. She's such a sweet little thing, full of huge smiles and laughs. Like I told Husband this weekend, she's everything I never know I always wanted.

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