Christa Tuesday - 19 Weeks

Today's update starts off with her dad pulling her up by her arms to stand tall like she so loves to do and has been doing for over a week now. However, today, she slipped a bit and Husband over-corrected to pull her up. She basically would not stop crying afterward and since Christa simply isn't a crying kind of baby, my motherly intuition went into overdrive. I noticed her left arm laying limply by her side, fingers not moving, and if we touched it she would cry even harder. I loaded her into the car and off to the ER she and I went.
She slept a bit when we arrived and I told the nurse what happened, kind of shaking and weepy the entire time because she is so small and helpless. I asked her if it was something they saw often and she said "Yes, but she's very young, hun." Yes, I know. My daughter is very advanced and rolled over at week three and now wants to stand all the time despite the fact she is only four months old. I get it. Even the doctor was stunned when I told him about the standing, asking all the people he could if they remembered their children doing that. "She'll be crawling by six months youknowthatright?!" Sigh.
I thought she had dislocated her shoulder but he checked and her shoulder was fine. He then diagnosed her with nursemaid's elbow. Basically her ligament got trapped under the radial head of her elbow. Terrible right? He needed to send her for X-rays to rule out a fracture before he could attempt to fix her elbow. The X-ray process was so very not fun. I had to put Christa on a hard table, under the wee apron and hold her arm in weird positions while soothing her as she cried. I had a hard time holding her arm in just the right position so the tech came and helped. The X-rays were done and I was told I had to wait about half an hour for the doctor to read the results.
Wouldn't you know it, though, immediately after the X-rays she was back to moving her arm and her fingers again. She was no longer sensitive to the touch and I was even able to change her from her pajamas into an outfit. She was boisterous and smiling and loud and happy. Had I just imagined this entire scenario? Was I the spaz mom that overreacted? Nope. Doc said he looked at the X-rays and there was no fracture but when the tech positioned Christa's elbow, she managed to pop everything back into place. Fantastic. As the picture below that I took at the ER clearly demonstrates, she's back in the game, folks, and happy as can be.
Hooray for fun blog posts! I live to educate the internet by way of my children.

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ugh that apron. she's so wee.