What's In A Name?

This morning on the way into work, Casey wanted to talk about names for some reason. He's very proud of himself that he knows everyone's names. He knows my name is Randi and sometimes he just casually calls Husband by his first name as in "Why is Brad outside?" Or he'll just say, "Brad, come wipe my butt!" Stuff like that. Anyway, today the topic was Christa being named Christa Allyn.
I told him her name is Allyn because their Grandpa's name is Allen just like Casey's middle name is Douglas because Papa's name was Douglas. Casey took this opportunity to say he has blue eyes like his Grandpa and then asked what color Papa's eyes were. Conversations like this seem innocent enough but this one kind of took a detour when Casey asked where Papa was. Since he watches all kinds of comic book/Star Wars programs, he knows when someone dies so I told him today "Papa died, Casey" to see if he could understand that. Turns out he can.
When I told him that, Casey replied "Poor papa. Why did Papa die?" so I told him that he was very sick and now he lives in the stars like Mufasa. This is my go to because I don't really know how to explain where remains go and I don't think he's ready for all that. I told him I missed Papa and he said "I miss Papa, too. Sometimes I would see him at Gaga's house." And then it was done and I got a little melancholy when I walked him to his classroom.
I guess this is why we gave our kids the names we did. So that our parents' legacies will kind of live on in our children. I get a lot of compliments on their names and I think that's an awesome side bonus because I really put a lot of thought into them. I remember thinking I would name my son Christopher Daniel for a long time. But no. Casey Douglas. Same initials, I guess. Never really gave much thought to naming a girl until I knew I had one in me.
Not sure where I'm going with any of this but I'm trying to keep up the blogging to make up for the fact that I don't read or exercise. Ha!

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