Weekend Pics

I guess on Saturdays we like to mean mug the camera.
 Husband was helping my brother so I took the children to the Oxnard Historic Farm Park for their first Farmer's Market. We didn't stay long because there wasn't much there but I thought this picture was pretty cute. My man loves socks that don't match.
 On the way home, Casey made the pose below and told me he was a rhinoceros.
 Then we went to my niece's birthday party at the park where the marine layer deceived us into getting sunburns. Fantastic.
 We also learned that Casey really likes flying kites.
 Sunday was very mellow. Farmer's Market and taking pictures with Chippy the Mammoth. A trip to the grocery store before Casey's nap and a couple episodes of Orange is the New Black.
We decided to use our Outback Steakhouse gift certificates we got right after Christa was born. I drank a lot of beer and ended up sort of crying. They were happy tears but it was still pretty ridiculous. I guess Christa cried for my mom the entire time we were out. Kind of put a damper on the good times I had. Oh well.

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Coodence said...

great photos!