Christa Tuesday - 18 Weeks

This picture was actually taken on Wednesday of last week but the truth remains the same: Christa is four months old all of a sudden! When did this happen??? Now before we go any further, please take this opportunity to look at her JC Penney four month portraits here. I'll wait. Are you okay? I should have warned you that those pictures are so cute they might kill you. I'm sorry.
Christa had her four-month check up and vaccinations yesterday and she was a champ. She's got a head circumference of 16-1/4" (63%), weighs 14 lbs., 3 oz (59%) and is 25-1/4" long (82%). Since she can sit up in her little chair and seems to be showing interest when Husband and I are eating, we've been given the go ahead to attempt foods like cereal and vegetables. This would just be sort of experimental since she doesn't really need the nutrients of it all until 6 months but I'm still pretty excited to get going on that. Her vaccinations went very well and once again she hardly cried. She did, however, totally pee all over the scale and then the examination table. Twice. Yeah... nice.
Despite all the drool and gnawing on all the things, Dr. Sally didn't see any teeth yet. I'm in no rush to experience teething again so that's fine by me. Christa is very handsy, grabbing things all over the place. She rolls from back to front and front to back with no problem. She smiles and kicks laughs and is just a pleasure to be around. For the past three nights she has slept from 8 to 6. She is just a fun, sweet, easy baby. I feel like a braggart but facts is facts. I love her.


Coodence said...

i love her too!

libelletage.com said...

Such cute pictures!!

Destiny said...

What a joy! I'm glad she's a fun, easy girl!