Christa Tuesday - 17 Weeks

I can't believe my precious little baby will be four months old tomorrow. It seems inconceivable that time can fly by so quickly. I was having a conversation yesterday about being up at night nursing her and how that means I don't get as much sleep as I could if I had Husband give her a bottle. It wasn't really a complaint. I almost feel like I don't want to sleep if it means I have a little more time with the last baby I will ever have.
She's such a sweet little thing and so far has been such an easy baby. Even with her nose congested for weeks, she remained a pleasure to be around. She smiles so big for me all the time and I feel like a superhero. I can't even begin to describe the looks she reserves just for her big brother. The other day she was following him around the room with her eyes and just cooing and smiling when Husband looked at me and said "He's going to break her heart one day." It's true, you know. Eventually he'll want to do something without her and she'll be so sad. But right now, he loves her as much as she loves him and it's wonderful to be a part of. Casey giving her a bottle for the first time was just about the sweetest thing ever.
I still can't determine if she is teething or just a drool factory. Her new trick is "talking" while she eats, a little tiny humming sound. She loves chomping down on things. Holds things in her tiny hands now. If you put her on her back she kicks her legs out and flips over to her tummy. I have a feeling it won't be long until she's crawling because she's already trying to scoot on her belly and uses her feet to push herself. I wish I knew why she was in such a rush to be a big girl. And since I love to brag about what a great sleeper she is, the other night she slept from 7:15 pm until 5 am. Yeehaw!


Coodence said...

love her.

Hung said...

The baby times are just the best. Not sure if the second one feels like it goes faster because you've already seem some of the stuff (like how the first time you see a commercial in TV it's like 7 minutes long, then the second+ time it's like 22 seconds) or it feels faster because your time is divided between two kids. Either way, dwelling on it is kinda heart-breaking.

Hung said...

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