Christa Tuesday - 15 Weeks

I assume if you read this blog then you are my friend on Facebook so you already know that the big news of the last week is that Miss Christa had her first giggle fit. She's been doing a slight chuckle/cough sound when she smiles for a while but it was a full on laugh fest at our house on Saturday night. For some reason I made a loud sound and it set her off. It was magical.
She's been alternating between sleeping about 8 hours straight and waking every few hours. I'm fascinated that I can put her in her crib while she's still awake and if I put the little singing glow seahorse in there with her she will put herself to sleep. I literally rocked Casey until my tummy was so full of Christa that he could no longer fit on my lap. I really hope we don't have the same problems with her staying in her bed and sleeping through the night like we've had with him. Hopefully we've learned from our mistakes that way.
She's more interested in toys than before so we have introduced some stuffed animals, rattles and of course, Sophie the Giraffe. She is a finger sucker and can fit her whole hand in her mouth. Very impressive. I guess she takes a pacifier for Maria but not for me. It's pretty hilarious that she "talks" with her mouth full of her fingers. A lot. Loudly. Chatty Cathy all of a sudden. She's also a pro at rolling from her back to her tummy now and gets super pissed that she's done that to herself. Crazy girl.

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Gen said...

Adorable doesn't even cut it! That photo is awesome. Yay for putting her down awake. I feel like if I have a second child, I will be in the same boat you were with Casey.

Yay for 15 weeks!