Weekend Wrap Up

On Friday, Husband and I had a date at Lens Crafters. Three years since our last frames. We were due. Maria watched Christa and this is how we spent our time. Kind of sad.
 Saturday's weather was positively gorgeous so we spent the morning at two different parks, both by the beach. This is the best picture I have ever taken.
 Sunday morning means Farmers Market! Another glorious day for these Dodger fans. Outdoors in the sunshine by the harbor where we wed, nothing is better I tell you what.
 May the 4th be with you and all that. Star Wars is big in my house. Casey's got Star Wars Legos. Lego Star Wars movies. I was never a fan. This is all new to me.
 And this? This is what I live for. Tiny toes peeking out at nap time. Ugh.


Coodence said...

awesome pics joseph!

Destiny said...

I was never a Star Wars fan. It's new to me since I met Trevor in college. I'm so happy things are going well, adjusting to your new sweet girl!

Jess @ Chaos & Love said...

I kinda want that onesie. But, you know, as a shirt.