Weekend Pictures

Friday night kicked off a fun-filled weekend when we went to meet my friend John's little son Nolan for the first time. We went to our friend Sarah's house and there were 7 boys between the ages of 7 months and five years. Casey got to meet my favorite teacher ever who just so happens to be John's mom. Nary a photo was taken. I am sort of sad about that but on with the show:
 This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Oh, Grandpas. Is there anything sweeter? Casey has 100% staked claim to BFF's dad and it is so heartwarming.
 Speaking of Casey, he looks like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar here. Plus? Underwear. Saturdays outside can't be beat.
Did I forget to mention that Casey & Sasha are best friends? Because they are. So there.
 Here's my friend Beanie and her doppelganger daughter Raqi on my backyard swing.
 Casey may or may not have been trying to seduce her on a very Pre-K level.
 We got to meet Celio and they got to meet Christa and all was well in the world with our families of four. Four. Yeah. Two kids each now. The hell?
 Miss Christa was not exactly thrilled with the day. We had gone for her JC Penney portraits and she just wasn't really having it. We all have wee colds so none of us were at our finest by the time Sunday evening rolled around. She did make it up to me by sleeping ten hours straight though. Good girl.

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Destiny said...

You look great, Randi!