Weekend Pictures

 Friday was my last day of maternity leave so I snuggled up to my girl and we had ourselves a selfie.
 And since we were going out with a bang, mom and I got our buzzes on with lunchtime margaritas.
 On Saturday, we went to the Reagan library. Here is Casey on a faux-horse making an "Ethan" smile.
 We went for the baseball exhibit and saw ourselves a lot of history. Here's an original model of Dodgers Stadium. So rad. My dad would have loved this.
 Sunday was Mother's Day. We started the morning off with a walk and a coffee. I was showered with gifts and cards for both Mother's Day and my birthday. We had a lovely family dinner. It was a real nice day.
This is what I got from Chase this morning. Because it's my birthday. 37 and back to work. Blech. Dodger game tonight, though. I hope I can stay awake.

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