• I had a pretty hilarious exchange with my OBGYN during my pre-op appointment the other day where he questioned why I was getting my tubes tied if my husband was already "fixed." I told him about my paranoia and asked if he thought I was crazy. He humored me and said he didn't but told me that usually women get fixed after their husbands have vasectomies because "they want to fuck around." Boy did I laugh. I told him no, that Husband just can't stop getting me pregnant and we can't keep our hands off each other. He seemed amused by that too. Tomorrow's the big day. I go in at 10 and should be home by 1 with a prescription for Norco, sterile and sporting an incision scar.
  • I think Casey is going through a major growth spurt because he can't stop eating all the things. His belly was all swollen the other day after a major pig out at my mom's house and he told me that he "had two baby sisters in his tummy." Um, I don't think so, crazy.
  • While I was on maternity leave a friend of mine told me I should run for Mayor of Oxnard. I have joked about that in the past so it made me laugh and I asked Facebook if I had their vote and actually got a surprisingly strong response for what I thought was a bit of a joke. Since then I have actually started considering City Council. My co-worker gave me a printout this morning that says "What does a Mayor do?" so I have it hanging on my desk as a wee motivational tool.
  • Also? Facebook? Makes me super mad. Why can't I quit it? Can people see every single thing I comment on and like? Is that really happening? Why do I feel like I need to defend myself when someone talks about how prescription medication makes people shoot up schools? Why do I care if someone is making a blanket statement about being pro-life? Why why why? Yeah I don't get it. It's like crack.
  • On another kind of silly note, I am super sad that Mad Men is on its way out. Don Draper is so gross but so goddamn handsome. Did you see the nipple episode? It kind of haunts me still. That is a helluva show. I love it and loathe it. Good stuff.


Gen said...

I love our doc! Good luck tomorrow. I feel the same way about FB but I can't quit it. If I lived in the Nard I would totally vote for you!

Jess @ Chaos & Love said...

Hope everything went well today! I'd vote for you, too, if I was able.