Christa Wednesday? - 14 Weeks

This three-day weekend threw me for a loop and I totally didn't realize Christa Tuesday went by! Whoopsie! Last night, her awesome sleep streak ended. Instead of sleeping from 7:15 to 5:30 like she did on Monday night, she went down at 7:30 and woke up at 9, midnight, 4 and 6. No bueno. Oh well. She is a baby after all. She also still has a bit of a full snot locker so that's not so much fun.
She is making lots more noises now. She has her little cough laugh going on and does a lot of cooing, especially for her brother. Every now and then she lets out an enthusiastic little shout. It's pretty awesome. She seems to be overcoming her hatred of the car seat so there is a lot less crying in the car now which I appreciate.
I'm still not pumping at work so by the end of the day my boobs are like softballs. The whole nursing in the morning and at night thing still seems to be working for us though so I suppose I'll continue for longer than the three months I nursed Casey. There is a noticeable deficit on the weekends but she's taking the bottle of formula like a champ now. Yesterday afternoon Husband had picked her up from Maria's early and had given her a bottle before I returned home from work. Despite having just chugged 4 ounces of formula, she wasn't happy until she had the boobies. It's a nice bonding time for us and she's getting all handsy now and playing with my shirt and tickling my side so it makes me laugh. I'm a sucker for breastfeeding this time around I guess.

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