Christa Tuesday - 13 Weeks

My second week back to work and I'm still missing this little nugget like crazy. She's doing very well for Maria so I couldn't be more pleased. My boobs are acclimating much better now than they were last week from not nursing her. They no longer turn into rock hard softballs. We've just been nursing in the mornings and evenings and I've basically abandoned pumping. Seems to be working out.
She's got another little cold right now but she handles that little snot sucker like a champ. Usually she smiles and makes a little coughing sound when I clear her nostrils. She also loves having her diaper changed, not sure I've ever noted that here before. She kicks her legs like crazy and smiles and coos. It's pretty fun stuff. She still hates the bottle but she's doing better about taking it.
Worth noting this week, though, is that for the past two days she has gone down at 8 and has woken up at 5:30 with nothing in between. Heaven!!! I swear I hope this lasts. Casey was more prone to waking up at all hours and then staying up. Luckily, when she nurses in the middle of the night, she falls right back to sleep for the most part. I can handle crying and fussiness but lack of sleep is the absolute worst.

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