Christa Tuesday - 11 Weeks

This picture here pretty much represents Christa's life at home. Her brother is always near her. She is always on this play mat. It's an easy life and she is an easy baby. This morning we went to visit her great-grandma and ran some errands. We'll likely take a nap this afternoon. I'm trying to really appreciate the fact that I will only be home with her like this for 6 more days. It seems inconceivable. How did 12 weeks fly by so quickly?
On Friday morning, Christa spent a couple hours with Maria so her dad and I could get our eyes checked. I had a lot of angst about it because Christa hasn't exactly been easy when it comes to taking a bottle. When we came back to get her, Christa and my niece Alicia were on the floor watching cartoons together. Maria said she never fussed a bit except for when she was hungry and then took the bottle like a champ. Of course. Maria watched her again for a bit yesterday so I could go to the doctor and she slept the whole time. I'm confident my return to work on Monday will be seamless thanks to Maria.
She's been a champ at sleeping and most nights she goes 6 hours or more without waking. It seems like it's always at 3:30 which is okay because I fall asleep pretty easily and then we're up for the day about three hours later. She's been sitting nicely in her swing when I eat my meals and is just overall pretty mellow. She rarely cries but when she does the bottle or being tired are usually the culprits. I'm feeling quite lucky and I hope my streak continues.


Coodence said...

dude!! 6 more days? holy smokes.

Coodence said...
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Jess @ Chaos + Love said...

Thank goodness for easy babies.