Weekend Pics

On Friday, my MIL and I went to a quilt show at the Ventura Fairgrounds. This was one of my favorites and also one of my photo scavenger hunt words (rainbow). Some took people decades to make which leads me to believe I will never be a quilter as I lack serious patience. My MIL, however, is a very good quilter and I'm the proud owner of many of hers.
I bought this at the quilt show because I thought it would just be a cute and silly Easter decoration but it turns out it has a recipe inside to make s'mores. Neat!
Casey loves Play-Doh and one of his favorite things to have me do is make snails. His favorite thing to do himself is to mix the colors which drives the OCD in me kind of insane. Beautiful colors that turn into gray. Every time.
Three words: Why so serious.
Something we always did with Casey as a baby was naked time. Now it's sissy's turn and Casey decided to join in on the fun. So sweet.

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