Weekend Photos - Easter Edition

On Saturday I realized I hadn't taken her wee 2-month photo that should have been taken on Friday. Whoops! Here's a link to her legit portraits.
 Saturday night also brought smoldering and egg dying.
 Casey was in love with these eggs. Couldn't leave them alone. Funny story? It said to make them marbleized by adding vegetable oil but the only oil we had was already used to make food but we used it anyway. Can't really shake that smell, I'll tell you what. All chunky. LOL
 If I was in this picture, it would be 4-generations of ladies.
 My manly husband looks fabulous with a pink drink!
This is totally blurry but Casey had 2 halves of a plastic egg on his ears and Husband and I both said he looked like Princess Leia (See, Andrea? I paid attention.)


Coodence said...

I miss you guys!!! Love the pics.

Erin Aylsworth said...

I don't know if it's that time of the month (it is) or if I'm older and appreciating the children of friends more or if I have a latent love of pastels, but I absolutely LOVED looking at easter photos on FB this year. This blog post was no different. Happy Easter and happy April!

Andrea said...

I'm a very proud nerd right now. xo