Christa Tuesday - 9 Weeks

I chose to put a picture of Christa in her crib for today's update because she is kicking ass in it. At night we try giving her a couple ounces of formula. Sometimes she is successful. Other times it's about half an hour of crazy struggling and crying. Either way, at about 8 or 9, after she has had her bath, she falls asleep and we put her in her crib. For the past several days, she has slept anywhere from 6-8 hours. It has been amazingly wonderful and my big ol' swollen boobs in the morning are quite the reward.
Christa is deeply in love with things above her like ceiling fans and the dangling butterflies on her little play ground. She waves her arms at them and is fascinated. I wish I was so easily entertained. She's such a chill baby. Other than the bottle attempts and sometimes in her car seat, she is still not much of a crier. She smiles a lot and coos. I think she is trying to laugh. She knows how to make a coughing sound so she does that quite a bit. I really like her and can't believe how quickly she's growing.
And to sign off here, on Good Friday she met her first holiday icon: The Easter Bunny. Well technically she slept through it but he was there. She didn't get to dye Easter eggs like her brother but her first holiday was a good one, I think.


Coodence said...

I love her. That Easter Bunny picture is not my favorite.

Hung said...

Such a great improvement in Quality of Life with a sleeping baby!