Christa Tuesday - 7 Weeks

Christa got the pleasure of meeting her Michigan Grandparents this week! She is the 8th of their grandchildren. I imagine by the time they leave she will not want to be put down because she is getting lots of cuddle time in right now. Casey is home from day care as well so she gets a lot of attention from him too. He loves to hold her but it's rarely for more than a minute at a time. He can't stand when she has her socks on so I hope she doesn't mind being barefoot.
She's growing very quickly. Her 0-3 month clothing is getting to be quite snug. She's staying awake for longer periods of time during the day so that's fun. She has a little jungle gym and that's where she "talks" the most. She still loves to kick the dangling lion but now she's trying to grip the thing it hangs on with her toes. She's getting quite generous with the smiles these days but I sometimes wonder if it's not just gas because she usually lets out a fart when she looks the most happy.
She's getting better at taking a bottle but she still screams at it. I guess we need to find her when she's more hungry. I think mostly, though, before bedtime, she nurses for comfort and my nipple does a better job than that imposter nipple. She slept for 5 and a half hours the other night and then for another 3 after nursing so that was awesome. Wish I could figure out the trick that would make that happen more often!


Lurker Girl said...

I was going to suggest a nipple change (not yours, the bottle). Perhaps the shape is similar, but not the "feel", so she gets frustrated.

Coodence said...

love these photos, joseph!

Destiny said...

Sweet! I remember how those longer stretches of sleep sure helps!