Christa Tuesday - 10 Weeks

Head Circumference: 15-1/2" - 65%
Weight: 11 lb 13 oz - 71%
Length: 23-3/4" - 90%

Christa went last week for her first round of vaccinations at the pediatrician's office. I had PTSD from when we took Casey and was prepared for the worst. Casey cried for hours after his shots. I remember freaking out and resorting to skin-to-skin to try and comfort him, ripping both our clothes off and holding him so close while we both wept. Well, I'm happy to say Christa took it like a champ and cried for a bit but was over it just as quickly. The doctors must know me because she had a zebra bandaid on one leg, cheetah on the other.
She's still sleeping very well. She goes down at around 9pm for the night and wakes up around 3 or 4. I nurse and change her and then she sleeps for a couple more hours. It's really nice. She's up a lot more during the day and remains transfixed and entertained by the danglies and the ceiling fan. She smiles a lot and coos. I wish she would laugh as hard as she does when she's awake as she will do while she's asleep. As for the bottle, she's still pretty against the whole idea of it but she actually chugged 2 ounces of formula on Sunday night so maybe there will be better days ahead.
People just cannot stop themselves from telling me how much she looks like Husband. She has his ears and his face, that's for sure. The ladies at Vons went on and on about it yesterday. It's funny but I sure hope she starts to resemble me as she gets older or she might be in for a rough go when she's a big ol' dude lady. Haha!


Andrea said...

I look just like my Dad! I don't have any issues. Not that I'm aware of...

Coodence said...

she's so cute.