Weight Update

I guess I sort of can't believe this but yesterday, for the first time in a long time, the scale read 190 pounds which was my wedding weight and the goal weight I wanted to return to. I was looking back at pictures from when I was doing the weight loss challenges with Jessica and found this one that was the least flattering angle and closest to my heaviest weight of 224 pounds. I am down 34 pounds from around this time last year. I was 224 when I got pregnant, lost a bunch of weight because of morning sickness and was 224 when Christa was born. I was sick and tired of being in the 200 club and now I'm out and I just can't believe it.
I stopped by work on Tuesday to chit chat with my boss and he was telling me about a weight-loss challenge he and the other guys were doing. I told him I should have jumped in because I totally would have won! When I told him how much I weighed at my heaviest, he told me that was what he currently weighed. I wasn't trying to be a dick but I said "You mean no one told me I was as fat as you?" He said, "Well, you were pregnant." But no. I was that big before. There was no excuse. I am stunned and maybe just a little bit disgusted.
Here are some things I have realized I'm doing differently:
  • I had a baby so I lost her and all that fluid weight. That's obviously given me a jump start.
  • I'm constantly nursing so that's a real calorie burner. 
  • Also a calorie burner? Chasing after a three-year old and doing laundry and cleaning house. Because I'm home all day, this is what I do. All day. Clean and do laundry. And keep up with Casey. And Christa. Stay at home mom stuff.
  • I have stopped eating out every day at lunch. Now I just eat a sandwich and some chips or something comparably small. I don't feel "full" but I really don't think I need to. I'm also really trying to work on portion control with dinner because Husband is not afraid to dish out some piles of food.
  • Because I go to sleep early with Christa, I pretty much stop eating after dinner. So long, nightly snack of ice cream. Now it's just a few spoonfuls with Casey if I get the urge.
  • I stick to only one beer a day with dinner as opposed to the several a night and heavy weekend intake I was drinking before. Because of nursing, I have like two tops if I have more than one.
  • I drink lots and lots of water.
  • I also just eat what I want when I feel hungry so I snack on little things more often throughout the day.
  • I have no access to the candy dish at work but will still have a handful of M&Ms or Mini Eggs should the urge to have something sweet strike me.
  • I'm not on my butt at a desk 8 hours a day.
So that's that. Can't wait until I can start working some sort of exercise back into my day! I'm not ready to set a new goal weight yet but I would love to get out of these sort-of-loose size 14s and into maybe some 10s again? Baby steps. Right now I'm just enjoying this.