Weekend Pictures

We took a quick trip down to see BFF and company down in L.A. for a delicious brunch on Sunday. I can't recall a time I ate so much in a single sitting. Goodness! The photos I took there are just too much for me.
 Here's Casey having a tea party for one.
 Words I never thought I'd utter: "That's enough lipstick, Casey."
The boy is pretty in pink, what can I say?
Sasha has met Christa once before but this time she got some real face time in.
She also did a great job holding Christa. Note her rad rhino tattoo!
 This was a selfie I took at the park on Saturday when we were enjoying the weather.
Casey cannot get enough of holding Sissie's hands or toes.

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Lisa..... said...

It is so great that he seems to enjoy being a big brother!