Movie Review

I'm sure I have discussed here that I'm a hockey fan. It's been a long time since I attended a game or even watched one on TV but I sure like it when I get to be a part of it. I had read an article in the Entertainment Weekly a long, long time ago about an unexpectedly good hockey movie called Goon but never got around to seeing it until we pulled it up on Netflix this week. It's a story of a not-so-smart bouncer - played by Stiffler - who really has no "thing" in life other than a thick skull and an ability to dole out and take a punch like a champ. His buddy - Jay Baruchel - is a hockey fan with a sports public access TV show who takes him to a game where he gets into a fight with a player. This leads to Stiffler becoming a not very good hockey player but a good fighter on the ice. Basically, the whole movie is building up to have him fight Liev Schreiber's hockey playing tough guy who is on his way to retirement. It sounds very basic and not very good but Stiffler is a real sweet and innocent dummy who falls in love along the way as his hockey career develops. I laughed a lot at the hockey announcer and Husband and I both really liked the movie a lot more than we thought we would. Just thought you should know in case you are looking for a random flick to kill some time that has a cast of recognizable faces and a none too shabby storyline.

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